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For over a decade Premium Tubulars has been supplying Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) to reputed international exploration and production companies. The company has strategic stocking and warehousing facilities in major continents and countries of the world. The sales team is able to provide a well-informed and highly focused service to our clients. Our personnel have proven expertise in the fields of sales, procurement, logistics and technical support. Premium Tubulars has built capacities within members of staff to support effective logistics and handle larger contracts. Premium Tubulars has strategic partnership with various big mills throughout the world. Premium Tubulars has developed a strong shipping/freight-forwarding network. This is done to gear timely delivery from source to destination. We work with accredited mills, but insist on our own quality regime to ensure impeccable service, extending the importance for striking valuable partnership.


Why Premium Tubulars is the most preferred OCTG Supplier?

  • High level of experience in OCTG sector
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Strong financial capacity
  • On-time delivery
  • Quality better than API
  • Best price due to high volume buying power
  • World-wide delivery network
  • Ex-stock materials